Apresentação do Corpus de Português Língua Estrangeira/Língua Segunda – COPLE2

Sandra Antunes, Amália Mendes, Anabela Gonçalves, Maarten Janssen, Nélia Alexandre, António Avelar, Adelina Castelo, Inês Duarte, Maria João Freitas, José Pascoal, Jorge Pinto


In this article, we present COPLE2, a new corpus of Portuguese FL/L2, which encompasses written and spoken data produced by foreign learners of Portuguese at the University of Lisbon. Over the past few years we are seeing a substantial growth in the area of learner corpus research applied to other languages besides English. Our aim is to enhance the learning data of Portuguese, a less commonly taught language. We believe that COPLE2 will constitute a good resource for teachers and researchers, since it will provide empirical data to: (i) identify general errors in the learning of Portuguese L2; (ii) develop textbooks and other teaching material targeting specific groups of students; (iii) implement teacher training material by taking into account the analysis of the corrections of the teachers. We will briefly describe the work in progress regarding the constitution and linguistic annotation of this corpus.

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ISSN: 2183-9077