Wall photography What Remains - An incursion into the surface of urban murals of Bucharest city center

Ana Cristina Irian


The idea of studying city walls as both a form of urban skin in constant change and archives of recent memory  has come from questions  related to what remains  of the decomposing process of walls' surfaces used as communication tool, to how do walls react to people affixing/drawing actions, to what are the new aesthetic elements that arise from the interaction people-walls in urban environments.  The analysis  is structured  along four main  lines: 1)  the sources of original images affixed; 2) the  process of new  images creation; 3)  the  type  of images  shaped  and 4) the way materials mix. 

The following artists conducted  connected photographic research: G. Brassai· (surface of derelict industrial  places), Sally Mann ('What remains'  - human bodies), Ernst Haas (urban  ripped posters) and  Walker  Evans (movie  ripped posters). Connected graffiti archeological research is conducted by the group guided by Cassidy Curtis on http:/Igrafarc.org/about.html

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