The emotional power of capital, Cuba

Ana Cayuela Muñoz


Make  visible the impact  that  the economic  political conditions  have on the social behaviours of the population that live under!over them.

How  far can  runs  the  inequality  between  humans?  How  do emotions  are manipulated by "money"? 

We wanted to be honest but also ironical; using education (photography workshops)  to  give  tools  to  the  population  with  less "voice".  If  you  can't express yourself freely or you have little internet  to share or to say, so you do not count,  inside of the globalized soup that  our society builds. But, in case you can have a camera into your hands, you can get proofs...

We   documented    ourselves;  a   tourist   west   woman    with   Cuban   guys; captured or installed worlds?

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