A Plenitudo Potestatis Papalis nos ‘escritos de ocasião' de Guilherme de Ockham

José António de Camargo Rodrigues de Souza


One of the most important subjects considered by William of Ockham in his Opera politica was the plenitudo potestatis assigned to the Roman Pontiffs by the hierocratic thinkers. Th is is the object of this study based in the sources, namely the occasional writings of the Menorite friar. We analyse his refutation of the plenitudo potestatis, on the one hand, concerning the spiritual jurisdiction and, on the other, referring the secular sphere; fi nally, we discuss Ockham’s conception about the idea of plenitudo potestatis. Simultaneously there is an attempt to demonstrate the evolution and coherence of the Inceptor venerabilis’ tought about this theory, quite different of Marsilius of Padua’s ideas.
Keywords: Ockham, hierocracy, plenitudo potestatis.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21747/119


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