Naturaleza y forja de los modos infinitos mediatos, en Spinoza

Miquel Beltrán


The aim of this paper is to give an account of the intrinsic nature of infinite mediate modes in Spinoza’s system, based on the explanation he gives of the way in which they proceed from Substance in the first book of the Ethica. These modes are not clearly described by Spinoza in the book, not even in Letter 64 to Schuller, in which he uses the expression facies totius universi to refer to them. Spinoza advises Schuller to read a passage of the Ethica in order to understand this expression, the Scholium of a Lemma that elucidates the composition of the whole individual which stands for the totality of bodies. Several scholars have concluded from that that the facies totius universi is identififi able with the infinite mode of extension. Inversely, we try to show that the facies includes both infifinite mediate modes, which separately are the total individual composed of all bodies, and the love of God wherewith God loves Himself.
Keywords: Spinoza, God, Mediate Infi nite Modes, Facies Totius Universi, Kabbalah.

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