About the Journal

Aims and scope:
The journal accepts original manuscripts in Linguistics and natural languages, either from basic research or applied research (in Linguistics or related areas).
Published works may include articles, research notes, critical reviews, news, and discussions, among others.
Papers written in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and Italian are accepted for publication; eventually, papers written in other languages may be accepted for publication.

ISSN: 1646-6195
ISSN digital: 2182-9713

Journal management and ownership:
This journal is a publication of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and of the Centre of Linguistics of the University of Porto.
The journal uses OJS and is part of digithéke (https://infografiaflup.wixsite.com/flupdigitheke), an open-access platform where all scientific journals published by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (FLUP) are hosted. This platform is managed by the Publications Unit of FLUP since 2012.
The journal has a Director, an Editorial Board, and a Scientific Board. The Director is a member of the Centre of Linguistics of the University of Porto (CLUP) and is elected by the scientific board of CLUP.

Publishing Schedule:
The journal publishes a regular issue every year. The regular issue is published (online and in paper) until November of the same year. Special issues have different schedules, determined by each special editor.

Peer review process:
All submitted manuscripts are analysed by the editorial board and the ones that fall out of the journal’s scope are rejected.
All the accepted manuscripts (to be published in the general or thematic volumes) are anonymously evaluated by two referees (blind peer review), specifically invited for this task.
Evaluators must belong to institutions different from those of the authors of the works to be evaluated. They must have not collaborated on joint projects with any of the authors in the three years before the submission date.
It is the responsibility of the Journal Director, in collaboration with the Editorial Board, to distribute the papers to the referees, according to the thematic areas of the manuscripts.
Before sending the manuscripts to the referees, the Editorial Board will take the necessary steps to guarantee that the identity of the authors is concealed.
The Director of the Journal and the members of the Editorial Board, while in these positions, will not evaluate any work.
The evaluation of each work will be based on pre-determined criteria, defined by the Editorial Board. Each evaluator will be asked to give their opinion on the acceptance or reformulation of each reviewed manuscript, according to the evaluation criteria.
If the evaluators propose substantive reformulations, the manuscript shall be assessed again by the same evaluators, after being revised by the author.
If the two referees do not agree, the Editorial Board will appoint a third referee to anonymously assess the manuscript.

No costs are associated with publishing to authors.

The paper version of the journal is for sale in FLUP.
The on-line version of the journal (full issues and individual articles) is available at https://ojs.letras.up.pt/index.php/EL/index.
No costs to readers are associated with assessing the journal’s content via website.
Readers can register on the journal website. The names and addresses provided will be used exclusively for the services provided by this publication and will not be made available for other purposes or to third parties.

Copyright and Licensing:
The journal has an open-access Creative Commons - 4.0 International license.
The authors keep the intellectual property of their articles. The authors should give the journal the license to reproduce and sell the articles in paper, as well as to make them available for free access in the journal’s Digital Library.
All articles published in the journal can be used, distributed, and reproduced, provided the original work is properly cited, and all have DOIs.

OJS has a self-archiving policy (LOCKSS), which archives all issues of this journal.

Revenue sources:
The publication of this journal is financed by the Centro de Linguística da Universidade do Porto, under the FCT Funding Programme UIDB/00022/2020 (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia).