Dialogic literary gatherings in EFL

Fostering quality language learning through dialogic interaction


  • Pedro M. Lopes


Dialogic literary gatherings (DLGs) are inclusive dialogic whole-class interaction activities that have proven to contribute to improving students’ academic achievement, as well as inclusion and social cohesion, and which can be transferred to any context (Flecha & INCLUD-ED, 2015). By stressing oral interaction as a means to learning and as learning itself, this short study investigates if the implementation of DLGs in a lower secondary EFL classroom in Portugal fosters the emergence of learning opportunities for quality language learning. A classroom observation method was applied, with data being analysed qualitatively and quantitatively. Results show that DLGs provide a number of varied learning opportunities which seem to increase with regular exposure to DLGs, and when a student plays the role of moderator. Further investigation is required on the impact of implementing DLGs in the EFL classroom.