Reis e Santos na historiografia dinástica em Leão e Castela (1120-1194)


  • Joana Gomes


Two of the most importante narrative genres in the Middle
Ages, namely hagiography and historiography, maintain a complex relationship
of closeness. Some hagiographies have been used as a source by historians and
historiography narrates events where saints intervein to a greater or a lesser extent.
This paper will look upon on how iberian historiographical texts make use of saints
in their narratives. The texts I will be focusing on here are dynastic chronicles
written in the twelfth century Iberia: Historia Legionensis, Chronica Pelagiana and
Chronica Naierensis. I will try to show that saints are usually evoked in connection
to certain kings, queens and/or dynasties and they are used to validate a kingly
order in a geography where traditional elements associated to sacred kingship are
mostly absent.