A canonização do governo misericordioso das almas

a memória da Prelatura de São Bartolomeu dos Mártires


  • Juliana Torres Rodrigues Pereira


In November 2019, the canonization of Bartolomeu dos Mártires, O.P., archbishop of Braga from 1559 to 1582, was celebrated. One of the most notable characters of the Tridentine Reformation, he became an important instrument in the building of a certain memory of the Order of Preachers. As a dominican model of the ideal of the bishop pastor of souls, he was celebrated in two pieces that would help to carry out his canonization, both written by confreres, at different times. This article analyzes the construction of this sanctified memory within the Order until the first procedures for his canonization, from which two fundamental questions seem to emerge: the strangeness with secular and religious authorities to which the exercise of his governmental zeal led him and the benevolent attitude towards his flock.