El discernimento espiritual teresiano entre el charisma paulino y el paradigma Gersoniano

Facundo Sebastián Macías


This work aims to show how to the barefoot nun Teresa of Ávila, wrapped in the need to know her own inner development, to maintain intraconventual serenity, and insinuating a potential reading to her spiritual directors for the approval of their related experiences, the application of the discretio spirituum became an urgent matter. Thus, discernment of spirits, key in the penitent-confessor relationship, became a theological device that herself should serve if she wanted to bring to fruition such things. The result was the coexistence of autodiscernment as an infused gift -the ancient pauline charisma- and the discernment as an institutional control mechanism - nourished by the disciplinary gersonian paradigm -, in the eyes of the future saint.

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