D. Fr. Antônio de Guadalupe, um Bispo Jacobeu no Rio de Janeiro : (1725 -1740)

Evergton Sales Souza


This article aims to describe some aspects of membership of D. Fr. Antônio de Guadalupe to spirituality chain that became known under the name of «Jacobeia» and analyze how this was translated into his episcopal action in Rio de Janeiro. Initially, there was a study on the social profile and the trajectory of this figure. Then, we tried to present some of the main features of spirituality of «Jacobeia», as well as traces identifying its position in the political and religious scene in the years 1720/1730. Finally, we refocus the study on the prelate to examine how the program of «Jacobeia» would been applied by him to the head of bishop’s government. The article was based on a relatively wide range of sources, which includes, among other documents, spiritual books, correspondence relating to the exercise of his episcopal munus, of his own sermons and eulogies which were dedicated to him in Brazil and Portugal.

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