Bruno e os Católicos : (revisitando decimonómicas reciclagens de tópicos e slogans anticlericais)

Pedro Vilas Boas Tavares


Placing them throughout the time span of all his written work, this work patent, exemplify and put into context languages and attitudes with which the Oporto’s republican philosopher and politician Sampaio Bruno (1857- 1915) faces the coeval expressions of the Catholic faith and the reality of Church. A special attention deserves his reaction to the initiatives began by the «Congress of Catholic Speakers and Writers and Speakers» meeting, in 1871-1872, in Oporto’s Crystal Palace, demonstrating that the new Catholic associations, as good as it was the scientific curriculum of involved laity, always in hostile ambiency to the Catholic Church would tend to be presented in "topical key" of «advancement of black wave of Jesuitism and reactionarism» in Portugal, i.e., according to a virulent and prejudiced conceptual "booklet" of anti-clerical combat, which was very old, but it was recycled again.


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