Cardeais, Reis e Senhores pelas cartas (1615-1654) de D. Vicente Nogueira

João Carlos Serafim


It was recently published by CITCEM the correspondence to and from D. Vicente Nogueira - a collection of 120 letters written for about 40 years, between September 1615 and May 1654. The chronological predisposition, the crossing with the related letters decisively contributed to a proper understanding of texts and contexts... It was clear its monumentality, its importance for the Portuguese culture of the time, seen from Rome, Paris and Lisbon. In this article, we will make a re-reading of this estate looking for, on the one hand, what he says about life, relationships, moods, joys and despair of D. Vicente Nogueira; and, on other hand, what news on the Roman Curia on the Portuguese politics and diplomacy and on particular procedures as the Inquisition - often so discordant than those used in Rome...

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