O Percurso Editorial da obra Vida de la Sereníssima Infanta Doña Maria de Frei Miguel Pacheco

Cristina Osswald


This text deals with some main features that marked the everyday of the community living in the Jesuit College of Bragança. The foundation of this college occurred in the period of the biggest increase of the Society of Jesus in Portugal. However, its beginnings were particularly difficult (climatic and food difficulties, the undesirability of the Jesuits to live in peripheral areas) so much that the possibility to close the institution was considered. The fulfillment of religious activities was naturally a main aspect of the everyday of these religious. However, all members of the community were compelled to accomplish manual tasks. The timetables were the same as the timetables of the rest of the assistancy. The food was varied and the dressing habits respected the local specific characteristics. The concern with health was another fundamental element that marked the everyday of this community. To conclude, this community was affected by two main noxious habits: food abuses and disciplinary problems.

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