Ensino da componente fonético-fonológica: uma síntese e um exemplo de português para estrangeiros


  • Adelina Castelo


The current study follows the perspective of Educational Linguistics,
and tries to respond to a specific need: to provide teachers of Portuguese as a Foreign Language with a guide to more effectively and quickly create didactic materials to teach pronunciation. In order to do this, (i) the target system of the European Portuguese oral vowels is described; (ii) the existing information in the literature is systematized in order to propose a guiding synthesis of the construction of didactic materials for teaching the phonetic-phonological component based on the knowledge acquired in the field of Phonology, Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching; (iii) the use of this
synthesis is exemplified through a didactic sequence to teach the distinction of vowel height in PE to foreign learners with the A2 level of proficiency defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The obtained synthesis, which aims to guide and facilitate the work of teachers, includes the main elements to be present in a complete didactic sequence with the goal of teaching the phonetic-phonological component: input and its characteristics; output, with progression from controlled to spontaneous speech in  communicative situations; evaluation of results of the pronunciation teaching; general ideas about how to use an integrative approach to pronunciation teaching.