Efervescências musicais e noturnidades no Beco das Artes


  • Cíntia Sanmartin Fernandes
  • Micael Herschmann


In the most liquid environments that characterize nightlife and parties, we generally live in a slower and more marked time: on the one hand, by relevant, varied and often intense sensitive experiences; and, on the other hand, for expectations of more freedom and social interaction between the actors. This article sought to problematize the direct and indirect repercussions - not only socioeconomic, but especially in the imagination of the city - of the nightly cultural experiences that take place at the festive events held at Beco das Artes (in the city center of Rio de Janeiro), which it presents itself as an open territory for serendipities, capable of mobilizing an expressive segment of actors who gravitate towards a musical production associated with the local alternative scene (and who, in general, participate in the current street culture in Rio). In view of the objectives outlined, our investigation is not only based on the theoretical-methodological procedures of the Sociology of Senses (and of the Imaginary) founded by Georg Simmel, but also employs cartographic methodological strategies (in the process of carrying out fieldwork and monitoring the dynamics aggregation of actors in the territories) inspired by the Actor-Network Theory, noted in Bruno Latour's seminal work.