A critica de arte de Frederico Morais ao uso de novos mídia nos anos 1960 e 1970


  • Thamara Venancio de Almeida
  • Renata Cristina de Oliveira Maia Zago


Using critical texts fundamental to contemporary art, this article intends to approach Frederico Morais'vision of the art critic in relation to the use of new media by contemporary artists. According to the critic, the artist is a kind of guerrilla, and instead of building / creating works, he must propose situations. In this context, of effervescent artistic propositions and intense fusion with the daily life, the materials become increasingly precarious, and with this every idea of work enters into crisis. We intend to approach this context, years 1960 and 1970, linked to the prolific critic of Frederico Morais, in order to present his thoughts and preferences about art, as well as the reasons intrinsic to his questioning about the use of new technologies, such as the computer and video, by Latin American artists.