Mulheres em situação de violência conjugal: a denúncia de confitos no meio doméstico

Márcia Cristiane Nunes-Scardueli


Since 2006, efforts to confront intimate partner violence in Brazil have been regulated by the Maria da Penha law. Once episodes of violence have been
reported to the police, investigations are conducted and the violence is represented
linguistically in documents in which the effects of the interpretation of domestic
violence are discussed. This study builds on a theoretical foundation drawn from
the French school of Discourse Analysis to investigate the effects of meanings derived from accusations of intimate partner violence made by three women in 2013, and also comments on the actions taken by the police and the courts in response to these accusations. The discourse analysis presented here identified meanings that resulted in the silencing of the violence that took place and reinforcing the positions of domination and subjugation occupied by men and women in domestic settings.

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