O Clitofonte de Platão. São os filósofos inúteis no ensino da justiça? Estudo e Tradução

José Colen


Clitophon is the dialogue that precedes the Republic in the traditional organization from Trasyllus, and shares with Plato’s most famous work both thematic and dramatic characteristics. The shortest text of the Corpus Platonicum is now gaining acceptance as an authentic dialogue of Plato’s. The most recent studies state their belief in the dialogue’s authenticity and no one in the ancient tradition appears to have questioned this dialogue. The paper includes, along with an introduction that presents briefly the state of the research on the question of authenticity, an interpretive essay, and the first Portuguese translation of this much ignored dialogue. This short but very interesting piece presents by the mouth of Clitophon the case against the Socratic teachings.
Keywords: Clitophon, Plato, justice, education, authenticity.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21747/118


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