Las Facultades de Educación en las Universidades Tradicionales y en las «Universidades de la Tercera Edad» : Un Modelo de Cooperación


  • André Lemieux
  • Gérald Boutin
  • Mariano Sánchez Martínez Molina
  • Jean Riendeau Lavoie


This article presents a subject that is more and more debated today, that is, that the Universities of the Third Age can not pretend to have the vocation of every University wich is teaching, researching and sevices to the collectivity. For this reason, it seems urgent to present a model of partnership between traditional universities and Universities of the Third Age.
This model will assure the futurs interveners that work whith the elderlies a better training for them. Determining the roles of the teachers, supervisor and students will permit creating the conditions of a better cooperation. This cooperation will permit to join the Universities of the Third Age whith the Faculties of Education of the Traditional Universities and better articulate the theoretical and practical training of the futurs interveners that work with the elderlies contribuating to their profesional identity.