Os níveis de consciência fonológica integrados aos demais níveis de consciência linguística


  • Clarice Lehnen Wolff


This article presents an excerpt from the research entitled ‘Discovering rhymes in poems: a study on the effects of rhymes on phonological awareness and their relationship with other levels of linguistic awareness during the literacy process’. The study was carried out through the recording and transcription of nine weekly poem workshops, with an average duration of 50 minutes, carried out with a group of twenty first-year elementary school children from a Brazilian school. The speeches of the workshop participants were fully transcribed, and served
as material for the qualitative analysis of how children understand and reflect on language from poems with rhymes. These data made it possible to verify different behaviors in the levels of linguistic awareness considered here (phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, textual), permeated by the phonological plane, and to identify different categories in
the interaction between them. The results of this investigation are discussed, which allowed us to affirm that activities with poems marked by rhymes, with children in the literacy phase, can be a facilitator of the development of phonological awareness in an integrated way with the other levels of linguistic awareness.