Fonoaudiologia : Contribuições nos estudos forenses de comparação de locutores


  • Paloma Alves Miquilussi
  • Marilisa Exter Koslovski
  • Denise de Oliveira Carneiro


This research was motivated by the growing demand for speechpathologists
to act as forensic experts, particularly in cases of speaker comparison.
A literature search discovers very little about speech-language pathologists
working as forensic experts. Thus, the search was widened to include the science
of Speech-Language Pathology, the national curricula for Bachelor degrees
in Speech-Language Pathology and the work of forensic experts in the area of
speaker comparison. The results showed that human communication is one of
the objects of study of the speech-language pathologist, and that work in forensic
speaker comparison uses parameters standardly analyzed by speech-language
pathologists and that forensic expertise in this area is enriched through multidisciplinary.
Hence, it follows that the inclusion of speech-language pathologists in
multidisciplinary teams working on forensic speaker comparison is amply justifiable.