Rethinking time through the episode of the Sleepers: from Aristotle to Abū’l-Barakāt al-Baġdādī


  • Marienza Benedetto Univeristà degli Studi di Bari 'Aldo Moro'


The article proposes to consider the use of the episode of the Sleepers in the philosophical investigations on the status of time. First quoted in Aristotle’s Physics to demonstrate the dependence of time on motion, which the soul numbers, the episode is cited – through the mediation of Avicenna – in the Kitāb al-Mu’tabar or The book about what has been established by personal reflection by the philosopher of Jewish origin Abū’l-Barakāt. In his text he proposes to remodel the original history, to imagine a different scenario that accounts, ultimately, for the inevitable time–movement fracture: more than being an accident of movement, time is, in Abū’l-Barakāt’s innovative reading, the measure of existence.

Key words: Time, Motion.
Authors: Aristotle, Abū’l-Barakāt, Sleepers.