De lo ideal a lo material: influencia de las artes en la concepción luliana de la relación idea-materia


  • Antoni Bordoy Instituto de Filosofia


The Platonic legacy in the Middle Ages not only contains philosophical elements, but also unresolved issues. Among these, one question was of particular interest: to explain how the derivation of matter from the idea is ontologically possible. In this sense, the present study analyses the solution that, through different works, Ramon Llull proposes in order to answer this question. The analysis has three parts: the study of the background of the issue; the possibilities of solving it by means of the mathematical disciplines, also contained in the liberal arts; and the three steps with which Ramon Llull develops his own theory on the derivation of matter from ideas. The purpose of the study is, in this way, to thresh the constitutive elements of the Lullian response and to identify its relations with 13th century mathematics.

Key words: Ramon Llull; mathematics; arithmetic; geometry; hylomorphism.

Ancient and medieval authors: Ramon Llull; Plato; Calcidius; Boethius; Euclid; Archimedes.