A estrutura axiomática do "De continuo" de Tomás Bradwardine e a demonstração em Aristóteles e Euclides

Lídia Queiroz


The De continuo, by the English philosopher of the fourteenth century Thomas Bradwardine, from Oxford University, represents the polemic discussions about the possibility of an indivisibilist structure of the mathematical and physical continua, in
the first half of the fourteenth century. The text is a multidisciplinary treatise but
clearly of a mathematical nature, adopting the Euclid’s Elements structure and many of its propositions. In it, Bradwardine intends to construct a definitive refutation of all atomistic theories conceived since Antiquity, releasing the divisibilist doctrine of Aristotelian-scholastic tradition of discussions.

Keywords: Definitions; suppositions; conclusions.
Authors: Aristotle; Euclid; Thomas Bradwardine.

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