Le débat interprétatif : un genre disciplinaire. Apports et limites d’un « outil » d’analyse de l’évolution d’une discipline scolaire


  • Ana Dias-Chiaruttini


Based on the elements of a recent research, which focused on the
emergence and actual practices of interpretative debate in the teaching of
literature, in Cycle 3 primary in school in France, this article is a reflection
on the contributions and limitations of the concept of disciplinary genre in
school as analysis, both theoretical and methodological, from the evolution
of disciplinary contents and teaching practices. It discusses various
approaches to this proposed notion within different research teams
concepts and outlines the choices that were made and the results build
which describe the interpretative debate as a kind of metatextual discourse
revealing some discursive learnings, allowing to understand the renewal
of the teaching of literature in primary school in France and resistance to