Une revue d’articles sur les erreurs orthographiques à dominante phonétique : réflexions pour le FLE


  • Katayoon Katoozian


Orthographical errors in French are not merely divided into
lexical errors and grammatical errors as other types not directly related to
the orthography exist too. Orthographical errors phonetically-based are
among the latter which have a specific place in most methods for classifying
French orthographical errors. Our aim is to study the distribution of this
particular type of errors by reviewing some investigations in FL1 (French
as a First Language) and FL2 (French as a Foreign Language). This review
found for non-native speakers of French a high frequency of this type of
error for which we have discussed eventual causes. As a didactic solution,
we have suggested a special focus on phonetics/phonology in teaching
orthography in French as a Foreign Language.