Scandi-Noir in Portuguese: in pursuit of textual transits



Following the global success of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (2005), Scandinavian crime fiction has attracted considerable attention from researchers in literary studies and other domains. However, a gap still remains with regard to the translations of this sub-genre in Portugal and Brazil. To address this gap, this article attempts to demonstrate how crime fiction produced in Sweden, Denmark and Norway has been disseminated in Portugal and Brazil by means of a bibliographic survey that traces the various transit routes that exist between these (semi-) peripheral languages. The results indicate that indirect translation continues to play an important role in this process, contrary to some predictions.

KEYWORDS: Interlingual Transit Routes, Translation, Indirect Translation, Nordic Noir, Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Literature, Sub-genre, Peripheral Languages

Author Biography

Anabela Quaresma Valente, U. Aveiro / FCSH

Anabela Gonçalves Quaresma Valente is fourth year doctoral student in Translation and Terminology, at the University of Aveiro - FCSH Lisbon.  She received a degree in Interpreting and Translation (English/French) from the Higher Institute of Interpreting and Administration in Porto (4 years). She is currently an English Lecturer at the University of Aveiro/Portugal and an English teacher at the British Council – Coimbra