Lunar journeys: investigating translation in multilingual picturebooks


  • Esa Hartmann University of Strasbourg


ABSTRACT: Studying the translation process behind multilingual picturebooks represents a fascinating field of research for translation studies. This paper presents two case studies that examine translation in multilingual picturebooks: a trilingual edition (2014) of Tomi Ungerer’s Moon Man (1966) uniting translations in French, German, and Alsatian, as well as the translingual picturebook Lunes… eine mondlose Nacht (Vialaneix, 2017), alternating and mixing French and German along the story. The translatological analysis of the two picturebooks is guided by the following research questions: What translation strategies are developed to interpret and recreate the semiotic and semantic interplay between the visual and the textual elements of the story in multilingual picturebooks? What stylistic elements of the target language are employed to convey meaning acoustically? What translation strategies are used in translingual picturebooks? What are the principles and effects of language alternation and language mixing within a translingual picturebook story?

KEYWORDS: Multilingual Picturebooks, Translingual Picturebooks, Translation Studies, Indirect Translation, Translanguaging.