Translation and hybrid identities: the case of La Filla Estrangera by Najat El Hachmi


  • Cristina Carrasco


Over the last decades, migrations have massively expanded. Societies are becoming increasingly diverse and cultural interchanges are becoming very common. The experience of migration poses many different  challenges to those who live it. It places them in an in-between state, where they do not completely belong to the culture of origin or to the target community. This is inevitably reflected in the way they speak, which is often a mixture of two or more languages. Some migrant writers have depicted their border experiences in their works, such as Catalan author with  Moroccan origins Najat El Hachmi. This article  aims to explore the self-translations of an immigrant  young woman  in  the  novel La filla estrangera  (EI Hachmi, 2015), who  struggles to conciliate her hybrid identity.