Trouver sa langue : Lecture sociologique du parcours et de l'oeuvre de Rouja Lazarova


  • Leonor Graser


Before becoming French, Rouja Lazarova was Bulgarian. As a teenager, she published a few texts in literary reviews of Sofia, dreaming of a writer's destiny. But as time goes by, the repressive politics of the soviet regime stifled her desire. In a country where literature and writers stay under control, better forget than suffer... When she became French, everything got possible. Even necessary. Finally, she allowed herself to write, and published her first novels. And yet, Rouja Lazarova still is obsessed by questions, which fit into her work : as a French author, should she give up her native language ? Why can't she write in Bulgarian ? Will French language, attractive but also misleading, allow her to build up her writing ? To feed a discussion about the – maybe conflicting – relation with the native and adopted languages, we suggest a sociological interpretation of the curse and work of Rouja Lazarova, multibelongings-writer looking for her own language.