LE CAS AILEEN WUORNOS Ou : la figure du comble...

Isabelle R. Casta


Aileen Wuornos, named the first female serial killer by the FBI, became by his
execution as famous as Marylin Monroe by his suicide, or Elizabeth Short by his assassination: these are for James Ellroy and Nick Broomfield the magnetic poles of the American urban legend, the dazzling and the dark, the woman of the crowds and the girls of nothing. But the horrific fact about Aileen is especially worthy of its exemplum value: a white "scum", abused by others left behind in childhood, later kills poor men, lamentable "gentlemen-all- the world" of sexual misery; as a spectrograph of a schizophrenic society, the Wuornos affair illustrates how the backlash of violence against women becomes an "uncontrollable" violence in return.

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