Le fait divers en classe de FLE : quel nouvel usage pour un support si usité ?

Mourad Loudiyi


Widely present with a given readership, the news item is clearly present in the
Moroccan courses of study of the middle school(college). Yet(now), textbooks aim to be opened in while presenting varied kinds(genres) where every learner can satisfy its need for reading, and for culture. The question which will preside throughout this study will thus be: how can such a phenomenon editorial representing a readership so consequent be didactisé by the planners of programs and by the teachers? By trying to avoid any normative, esthetic or ideological judgment(sentence) on this object of study, we thus wondered what is the place(square) of the news item in the textbooks of the secondary cycle? What is the perception (collection) and the attitude of the teachers towards this journalistic paper? And finally, what didactic implications it entraine for the teachers and the learners?

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