Segalen et les favela-tours La construction de l’altérité de l’exotisme à l’authenticité

Thomas Apchain


Goingback and forth between Segalen’s work and an ethnography workin the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, this paper approaches the transformations of the category of exoticism and shows how inauthenticity we find its adaptation to the intellectual and symbolic framework of contemporary constructions of otherness. If we are actually confronted with the presence of the Divers when entering the favelas,the evocation of an exoticism is rare, if not completely incorrect. By contrast, we find authenticity, and its lexical field, making it possible to qualify the different is omnipresent.Trying to understand the conditions for replacing the idea of exoticism by the concept of authenticity refers to the analysis ofthe evolution of Western constructions o otherness. The ways of showing a true otherness appears in the way Segalen demonstrated the irreducible subjectivity of exoticism, connected to senses and poetry. Indeed, authenticity, under the influence of anthropologists, brings otherness into a regime of truth. Diversis not only acquired by the “exotes”capable of a sensory experience. In fact, its presence must be demonstrated; its gradualforce and the context of its appearance must be separated from the counterfeits that invade the world of travel.

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