Pour une relation compossible du même et de l’autre L’exotisme, de Segalen à Glissant et Chamoiseau

Bernadette Desorbay


When he focuses on China and excludes the possibility of diversity at so-called provincial latitudes such as Switzerland or Belgium, the author of the Essay on Exoticism. An Aesthetic of Diversity, Victor Segalen, fosters a geographical prejudice that will not prevent the thinker of the All-World, Édouard Glissant, from celebrating him as a leading writer. Neither will the author of Writing in a Dominated Country, Patrick Chamoiseau, mention the taste of Segalen for the aristocratic hierarchies and the sexual consumption of the virgins. These haunting motifs, reinforced by René Leys, written in Beijing around the Forbidden City, as a symbol of virginity and absolute otherness, do not actually prevent the segalenian advances in the safeguarding of diversity from representing a substantial value towards a compossible relationship between the same and the other.

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