Exopoétique de Denis Roche Pour une pratique iconotextuelle


  • Charlène Clonts


Exoticism in Denis Roche’s work is conveyed by an Orient in the broad sense which extends from the Middle East to South-Eastern Asia. Nevertheless, in the book La Disparition des lucioles, the oriental pictures cannot be considered as an illustration for the traveler’s thoughts. They are more like a fulcrum for a reflection on the fringes of writing and on the relationships between writing and photography, between the same and the other. This kind of exoticism is a way out, out of the self and out of the travel diary. It builds a poetical contemplation of the world, the light, the figures and their place in or out of a frame. In the works Eros énergumème and Louve basse, Denis Roche’s writing can thus be described as exopoetic because it goes beyond the traditional limits of the literary genres in order to open up for an otherness that finds its origins in the relationships between text and image.